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Patient Information

Here are some helpful tips to let you know what to

expect on your visit to L2E Physical Therapy.


Please carefully read through this list, as it will prepare you for your visit

and ensure we have ample time for discussion, assessment and treatment.

  • Dress comfortably! I’ve created a space where I am comfortable. I want that for you, too.

  • Our time together is very valuable, so please arrive 5 minutes before your first session.

  • Bring a completed copy of the New Patient Form

  • Please be as thorough as possible when filling out the New Patient Form. Include any/all accidents, injuries, procedures/surgeries that you can recall. It will help me get a more accurate picture of your history.

  • If you are a runner, hiker, walker, or use specific shoes for any activity you participate in, please bring them with you.

  • Expect your first session to last 75 minutes. All subsequent sessions will be one hour.

  • Frequency of visits will be once every 3-4 weeks.  The changes made with this type of manual therapy take time to integrate in the system, so expect to be seen once per month on average during your plan of care.


Your Visit

  • I will come get you and introduce myself to you/orient you to the space so you feel comfortable, as the best results take place when someone is comfortable and can allow changes to take place.

  • We will discuss the information you filled out on your form, as well as other questions pertinent to your history. Everyone has a unique history, so expect me to be thorough.

  • Based on your specific needs/goals, I will take measures of your strength, range of motion coordination, balance, function, tissue tension, etc. This will be done to ensure changes we make are consistent with YOUR goals for therapy.

  • Following your assessment, you can expect a synopsis of my findings and for me to give you a plan. Together we will discuss the proper treatment approach for you.

  • I encourage you to journal about your visit and reflect on changes you may feel, particularly in the first 24-72 hours after each session. This will help your mind/body connection integrate the changes made during your session.

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