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I’m so excited and grateful that you decided to stop by.  I’m Jen, creator/owner of L2E Physical Therapy.  I created L2E because I believe it is my life’s purpose to learn the complexities of the human body, mind and spirit and to use my knowledge and gifts to serve others through the art of physical therapy.  I have spent over a decade in study and practice with people and the more I learn, the more I see how multi-dimensional and complex we humans are.  


Our bodies can cause us not only physical restrictions and pain, but fear, anxiety and depression; the reverse is also true.  Our minds can produce bodily sensations that contribute to physical symptoms, pain and dysfunction.  As obvious as it may sound, we are living beings and we carry our experiences with us.  If these experiences are traumatic or emotional and aren’t processed in a healthful way, we are able to “store” them in our physical bodies and they can slow our system down, much like a computer without a cleared cache.  We need to regularly run scans on our computers to clear what causes resistance and impedes smooth flow of the system.  My life’s work is to provide this level of care to the human body; to improve nerve conduction and circulatory flow for healing, for pain control and to optimize your body’s performance. 


You deserve a practitioner that takes those things into account and investigates the depths of your experiences in order to fully help you today.  You deserve someone to work with you one-on-one.  You can expect a safe, calm environment to promote these changes and one-on-one time with me for the entirety of the session.   It is my commitment to you and to myself to be an extremely thorough provider, so please expect that when you see me.  My skills and experience, together with your goals and investment in your health will lead to changes you might’ve been told weren’t possible.  I am excited to be able to say that I’ve created this space by creating L2E and look forward to continuing to help others by doing the work I love!

Photo of Jen smiling in front a background screen print of mountains and birds flying

Jennifer Lee PT, DPT, FAFS

  • 10+ years in patient care and professional mentorship

  • Fellowship in Applied Functional Science- Gray Institute, 2014

  • Doctorate in Physical Therapy- Washington University in St. Louis, 2010

  • B.S. in Sports Medicine- Missouri Baptist University, 2006

  • Credentialed Teaching Assistant for Barral Institute- NM Level 1

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