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Emotional Release

What is Emotional Release (ER)?

Emotions are energy in motion, “E-motion.”   Every feeling we have produces a bodily experience, the healthiest of which flood the body and are processed in the moment.  Emotional release is helpful when the emotion itself never was fully processed and released, either because it was too intense at the time (shock/accident), was too prolonged (pandemic, etc.), or we chose or were told to distract from it.  When emotions get stuck in our physical body, they contribute to restrictions in blood flow, nerve conduction, posture, and many other changes and can lay at the root of some chronic, unchanging pains/conditions.

Reiki Treatment

When is ER appropriate? Emotional Release (ER) may be necessary if you’ve experienced any of the following:

  • Physical, Emotional, Psychological, Spiritual Abuse

  • Were witness to a traumatic event

  • Have chronic pain that is not amenable to other treatments

  • You have a feeling of numbness emotionally

  • You’ve done talk therapy/EMDR but continue to be negatively-impacted

  • You’ve had emergency surgery without time to process pre-op

  • Onset of symptoms or chronic pain without any corresponding stress/event

Reiki Treatment

How is Emotional Release    performed?

Energetic Balancing can be performed on or off the body, meaning it does not require physical touch in order to be successful.  However, you MUST give consent for energetic balancing to truly have an impact as this allows for energetic entanglement.  You will be educated on the technique and permission will be asked of you prior to performance of any technique, whether on or off-body.  


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The foundation for Energetic Balancing is based in entanglement, a term commonly known in quantum physics.  Entanglement describes the way small particles of energy or matter can be patterned to predictably react to one another, even at a distance.  This can be extrapolated past the cellular level, and has been shown to make physiologic changes in tissues, contributing to improved posture, reduced tension and pain control, as well as improved emotional well-being.

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