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L2E Physical Therapy


Visceral Manipulation 

Neural Manipulation 

Emotional Release


Your Therapy Experience Should Be
As Unique As YOU Are.

Improve Your Health, Improve Your Life

Patients can expect an environment tailored to  provide rest and calm to the nervous system, the feeling of safety, a thorough medical history review, and to walk out with a better understanding of their plan of care.

What You Can Expect


L2E offers comprehensive manual physical therapy based in the foundation of the techniques listed below.   Click each link to learn more!


My name is Jennifer Lee,

but you can call me Jen.

I relentlessly chase my passion of understanding WHY you have the symptoms you have - pain, tension, etc.  Symptoms present from a multitude of tissues (organs, nervous system, nerves, unprocessed emotions) and it’s my gift and passion to help each patient I work with learn the story of their body's challenges.  I firmly believe one of the biggest contributors to chronic pain is rooted in the feeling of being "at war" with your own body, and that one of the most important steps to healing is facilitating peace with yourself, with your story, so that you and your body can embark on a healing journey together.

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Patrick H., Phoenix

"I have spent countless hours and money trying to assess what was wrong with my shoulder. I did physical therapy twice and they only made things worse. Within the first session Jen said it could be healed over the summer. She is very knowledgeable and thorough when it comes to the human body. Without her I would have gotten unnecessary surgery that wouldn't even have fixed the problem. Very blessed to have been treated by her. Highly recommend her!"

Jean H., Goodyear

"Jen is AMAZING! From the first appointment I felt entirely at the right place for healing my body and mind. I call her the Body Whisperer and she is so intuitive and focuses in on my immediate concerns without me telling her. I've recommended her to many friends and one in particular has been thrilled to receive Jen's help when nothing else worked well enough."

Cindy L., Phoenix

"I had a severe back injury nearly 50 years ago at age 17. Over the years I have seen orthopedists, pain specialists, physical therapists, and healers. Some improved the pain but it always returned worse than previously. The pain was most severe standing which led to a very sedentary lifestyle. Though I greatly enjoy the outdoors and hiking, my participation was very limited to short-lived times of decreased pain. Finally, I was prescribed exercises for piriformis syndrome which greatly improved (but not eliminate) the pain. After 10 years of twice daily exercises, they were no longer effective, and I found Jen. For the first time since I was 17 years old, I have NO pain. I can sleep on my back again, which I haven’t done in almost 50 years. In addition to Jen’s healing hands, I found Jen to be very informative, understanding, and caring. AND, the treatments were not painful as I had previously experienced with other therapists. Jen explains what she is doing, why it works…which I don’t truly understand yet. But it works. Thank you, Jen! You’re the best!"
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