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What is Energetic Balancing?

Energetic Balancing was developed by Dr. Kerry D’Ambrogio DOM, AP, PT, DO-MTP to integrate techniques from manual therapy and energy work.  

Over time, we develop physical tension from our different experiences, via trauma, surgery, injuries and many other avenues.  We also develop emotional tension in the same manner, from stress, unprocessed emotion and trauma.  Left unaddressed, these tensions can alter our physiology and create physical pain.

The foundation for Energetic Balancing is based in entanglement, a term commonly known in quantum physics.  Entanglement describes the way small particles of energy or matter can be patterned to predictably react to one another, even at a distance.  This can be extrapolated past the cell level, and has been shown to make physiologic changes in tissues, contributing to improved posture, reduced tension and pain control, as well as improved emotional well-being.

Reiki Treatment
Reiki Treatment

How is Energetic Balancing performed?

Energetic Balancing can be performed on or off the body, meaning it does not require physical touch in order to be successful.  However, you MUST give consent for energetic balancing to truly have an impact as this allows for energetic entanglement.  You will be educated on the technique and permission will be asked of you prior to performance of any technique, whether on or off-body.  


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