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Applied Functional Science


Ever wonder WHY you have the pain/dysfunction you have? Why now? What caused it?  READ ON!

Applied Functional Science (AFS)- AFS was created By Dr. Gary Gray and the Gray Institute®.  Gray Institute is internationally acclaimed for its innovation, development, mastery and delivery of AFS.  AFS is based on scientific truth, not theory, of how the human body moves in all three planes.  It challenges movement professionals to take their foundational learning to a new level by understanding the chain reaction biomechanics inherent in the human body.  

For example, you’ll notice if you stand up and look as far as you can over your right shoulder, your left foot collapses in, into what is called ‘pronation’.  Conversely, your right foot lifts into ‘supination’.  This happens because of the domino effect of the system, not because you consciously told your foot to move.  This is just one of thousands of examples but points to one of the Gray Institute’s founding principles, that movement is a subconscious domino effect.  My job is to ensure the "dominos" are lined up, so that when that first one tips over, the rest of the system flows smoothly thereafter.  

It is our responsibility as movement professionals to understand the intricacies of the human body, so that we know when something isn’t moving the way it should or is potentially moving too much.  Balancing the system in this way allows for the body to naturally heal itself, often leading to control or complete resolution of pain.  You'll leave not only feeling and moving better, but understanding why you've had improvement- putting you more in control of your health!

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